5 Best Free QR Code Generators for 2022

#1 QRcodegenerator.cc

qrcodegenerator.cc is best qr code generator tool for everyone free using. it has excellent page design so clean. People can create many type of qr codes like link, texts and emails.

With qrcodegenerator.cc all qr codes can be designed colorful and creative, there are many colors, shapes and icons you can choose to make your qr code differently.

#2 QR Code Monkey

QR Code Monkey is free to use. You can create and download the desired QR Code instantly from the website. Just like qr-code-generator.com, with a paid plans, you can also create dynamic QR Codes, add them under folders, and visualise their performance on the dashboard.

#3 The QR Code generator

It is a basic solution that gets the job done, creating a black and white QR Code. It supports the humble QR Code types, such as text, URL, contact, or vCard QR Code, call, and SMS. The tool does have an option to create dynamic QR Codes upon sign-up, but the options are limited.

#4 GoQR

For a website that Google says is not secure, GoQR certainly isn’t the best of the lot. Any website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate should be avoided since the data you provide is not encrypted. Anyway, the website is lackluster and pretty challenging to navigate. Although it offers variety, both in creating QR codes and printing them on merchandise, the result does not inspire confidence. You can create business cards, T-shirts, and such but again, refrain unless you have no other choice from a privacy standpoint.

#5 QR stuff

The website isn’t easy to navigate; apart from that, the QR codes can only be customized after signing up, and even the free QR code has a limit on the number of scans, i.e., 50. When I tried to switch to the dynamic QR, it failed to load. It looks like another one we can afford to skip.

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