China Mobile: By the end of 2022, 5G continuous coverage in townships and above will be basically achieved

China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom jointly held an investor exchange event for listed companies in the telecommunications industry.

Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, pointed out in his speech that it is expected that by 2025, the proportion of my country’s digital economy in GDP will increase from 39.8% last year to more than 50%, and the size of the information service market will increase from 12.5 trillion last year to 228,000. 100 million.

Facing the new situation and new opportunities, China Mobile has defined its new position as a world-class information service technology innovation company, and formulated and implemented a new strategy to create a world-class power building.

On the one hand, the system builds a new type of information infrastructure focusing on 5G, computing power network, and smart middle platform: First, build a first-class 5G network, basically achieve continuous coverage of 5G above townships and villages nationwide by the end of the year, as well as important parks, hotspots, Effective coverage of developed rural areas; second, pioneering the construction of a ubiquitous and integrated computing power network to implement the country’s deployment of eastern and western computing; third, building a smart middle station with operator characteristics and China Mobile characteristics.

On the other hand, innovate to build a new information service system of connection + computing power + capability: First, provide high-speed, mobile, secure, and ubiquitous connection services, launch 5G messaging, 5G new calls, cloud games and other characteristic services, relying on The 5G private network industry platform provides informatization solutions such as smart agriculture, smart factories, and smart cities; the second is to enrich computing power services with one-point access and out-of-the-box computing, and build a computing network brain that integrates computing and network scheduling and orchestration. Develop computing power services, and explore the scenario application of computing power networks such as the Internet of Vehicles and Metaverse; the third is to output capability services that are uniformly packaged and flexibly invoked, and create a central kitchen-style middle-office open service model.

Yang Jie said that this year, the three basic communication operation companies gathered in A-shares, realizing the close integration of the capital market and the customer market, allowing customers to share the achievements of industry development. We will take this opportunity to seek development hand in hand, work together to write a new chapter, and strive to be the first to become stronger, better, and bigger in the digital economy.

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