What You Should Do when Your App Is Getting Punished by The App Stores

The 4 forms of app keep punishment

First of all, we want to recognize the 4 sorts of punishment strategies of app shops: downgrading, clearing the listing, clearance of phrases, and putting off from the marketplace, of which, being eliminated from the marketplace is the worst result.

Downgrade: the key-word rating plummeted, thru the vital wall optimization has no effect.

clearance listing (besides games): in general, the category listing even withinside the pinnacle three, the quantity will now no longer have an effect on a lot. Of path now no longer that the listing isn’t unimportant, simply the cutting-edge effect of the quantity of a bit less.

clearance of phrases: clearance of phrases for motives generally mistaken operation induced with the aid of using. In fact, the distinction among clearing phrases and downgrading will now no longer be great, clearing phrases will cause app key phrases with none coverage, downgrading will cause app rating right all the way down to buy app installs three hundred outside, their outcomes aren’t any seek traffic.

Downgrading: the motive for downgrading, telecellsmartphone and e mail conversation on the equal time. If this trouble occurs, the developer can do most effective replace a version.

The have an impact on of those 4, may be divided on this manner: downgrade > clearance phrases ≥ downgrade > clearance listing; in general, clearance listing clearance phrases regularly followed with the aid of using downgrade operation.

In this unpredictable environment, if the phrase all of sudden restored, re-cabinets the scenario, should now no longer rashly with out a plan to visit the listing again, the outcomes of impulse could be followed with the aid of using a excessive opportunity of repeating the equal mistake.

What to do while you face the closing punishment from app marketplace and take down your app?
Ensure that your product does now no longer contact the crimson line withinside the app keep audit guidelines of the downgrade

No count Android app keep or Apple App Store have their personal audit guidelines, strict guidelines can’t violate the place, if as soon as touched those guidelines, then do now no longer think, regardless of the way you appeal, are not able to remedy the trouble, due to the fact is their personal merchandise do now no longer observe the guidelines.

The App Store takes copyright pretty seriously, and so long as the infringement is proven, it’ll clearly be taken down.

App shops don`t downgrade merchandise for no motive

Because regardless of it’s far Android app keep or iOS App Store, all of them desire that their platform merchandise can cowl greater sorts of merchandise, so the greater selective to users.

So until the goods are infringement complaints, violation of applicable policies, brush quantity, brush feedback, and synthetic interference with the utility keep set of rules, although the above troubles occur, the utility keep may even alert you earlier thru the touch statistics reserved withinside the developer platform, and could now no longer take down the goods without delay with none caution statistics.

How to keep away from your app being taken down with the aid of using the app keep?

Prepare a vest package deal on your product, whether or not it’s far for Android or iOS is needed. In order to cope with the sudden scenario, if the primary package deal is taken down, the vest package deal may be crowned up without delay to keep away from the lack of users.

Generally, do now no longer add too many merchandise below one developer account to keep away from penalizing the account for one product and affecting different merchandise.

Pay interest to the quantity of optimization operation, it’s far important to move too far, while you get hold of a caution e mail or SMS, pause for a while, do now no longer hit the gun.

Actively touch the utility keep to cooperate with modifications. After you discover which you were taken down, you must first recognize the scenario absolutely from the app keep to peer if it’s far due to the fact you’ve got got been taken down with the aid of using mistake or for different motives, and there’s a opportunity of saving.

Change the account to submit. It is higher to alternate the developer account to submit, however now the Android app shops are greater strict approximately the qualification necessities of softwares, so that you want to take note of put together those substances earlier while importing again.

How to cope with iOS being taken down with the aid of using Apple

Basically, the most effective manner to cope with it’s far similar to Android, most effective withinside the developer history and e mail to touch, the complete touch performance could be very slow.

Of path, in case you experience that their merchandise do now no longer have troubles, and now no longer in a rush App cabinets, then you may slowly and Apple reviewers grinding time, and can assist you re-shelf.

The nice manner is to alternate the account to resubmit, alternate the icon, preview map, reproduction at once submitted again, in order to remedy the trouble greater successfully than and Apple reviewer conversation.

How to keep away from your product being downgraded?
Try to conform with the guidelines of the app keep audit

From the overall direction, that is, do now no longer do unlawful things. At the product level, do not intrude with the set of rules of the app keep excessively (brush quantity, brush feedback and so on), the characteristic of the app all through the audit length is similar to after the audit is passed, and do not do hidden features and so on. For example, cover the third-celebration payment, cover a part of the characteristic, and open it after the audit is passed.

It is important to pay unique interest to the trademark copyright-associated issues, due to the fact that is additionally the primary trouble of many merchandise being shelved.

Pay near interest to modifications in app keep audit guidelines

Especially withinside the developer platform reserved mobileular telecellsmartphone number, e mail and so on. Pay greater interest to the developer e mail and message center, while you get hold of an e mail from Apple’s audit team, you must respond to any questions in time, do not do nothing, however actively touch.

Because Apple usually sends emails earlier than taking down the product to remind due to the fact what violates what guidelines. If you actively respond to the e mail, perhaps your product might not be taken down.