Zara NFC gift keychain aims to replace gift cards

Zara has partnered with MultiPay Global Solutions as a payment service provider for the new Zara NFC gift key, which aims to be more sustainable and reduce the waste of traditional single-use gift cards.
Launched at Zara’s iconic flagship store at Battersea Power Station in London, Zara’s easy-to-use NFC gift keychain allows customers to pay for items by scanning the hook’s unique ID keys at any of Zara’s NFC-enabled contactless payment readers in-store. . Replacing single-use gift cards, key chains can be refilled with credits for repeated use. Zara’s NFC gift keychains are recharged in-store,Silicone Keychain Manufacturers and as part of the process, others such as family members can recharge at the same time.
Gift cards are a vital link between retailers and customers, and like any form of payment, innovation is always needed. The importance of the gift card market should not be underestimated. Last year alone, 28.8 million adults in the UK received gift cards. Importantly, they’re especially popular with Generation Z and Millennial shoppers, with 46% and 42% respectively purchasing at least one gift card in the three years through 2022. Using NFC support not only improves the customer experience by facilitating transportation, but also by reducing the consumption of single-use plastics.
– David Maisey, CEO, MultiPay Global Solutions
A total of 18,000 keychains, with many interesting and creative designs, have been delivered to Zara stores in the UK. NFC Keyfobs are powered by MultiPay’s PCI P2PE and PCI DSS L1 authenticated solution, creating a single payment gateway to provide the same level of security and reliability that this solution offers to all. payment methods.

It’s an interesting move – NFC contactless payments have almost become the norm for shoppers, but many are using their mobile wallets to manage banking and gift cards, you have to wonder why I need a Zara NFC gift keychain. The appeal is obvious, you can choose from six different cute designs and can give gifts without forcing Keychain  Manufacturers someone to use their mobile wallet – perhaps especially useful for kids or people who don’t have a bank account.
The real test is not whether Zara can move 18,000 NFC devices, but how many devices are recharged a second, third, and fourth time to justify manufacturing them, since so if you are a fan of Zara fashion make sure your family and friends know you have an NFC gift keychain and leave it around birthdays, Christmas and other special events so they can hide it and recharge it for your next gift.